I'm sorry.... D:

Hey guys, it's Blacky here. Yes, the REAL one. I am closing this site because of all the spammers and I no longer have time to RP here. There were people pretending to be me and trying to take over the site and tell everyone else what to do. I am proving that I am the real Blacky because only me and my admins can delete the site (and I trust my admins, they would never pretend to be me). I deleted all the other pages and I'm going to delete all the webs members from this site except some of the more important people. Renni, I'm going to miss RPing with you, you were a great admin and were really supportive. Brighty, you always cheered me up when I was down. Snakey, I cannot fully describe you with words because you are so amazing. All the other non spamming members, thank you also, for RPing here. Spammers, especially the ones trying to pretend they were me and take over the site, everyone knows now that I am the real Blacky, and how could you even think you could ever get people to think you were Blacky, the one and only Blacky? Well, truth is, I am the one and only Blacky. So say goodbye to BreezeClan, which was once a great site with no spammers. (I'm not putting a chat box up to avoid any retarded spammers. ._.)